Month: December 2023

  • Read the fantasy friendship heist story "The King in the Cathedral" by Rich Larson

    The King in the Cathedral

    December 29, 2023
    An exiled prince plots to overthrow his automaton jailer and become Everlasting Master of Games and undisputed Eternal Ruler of…
  • Read the fantasy thriller "The Juggler of red Walls" by Walter J. Wiese

    The Juggler of Red Walls

    December 29, 2023
    A juggler-magician watches the market of Red Walls for trouble, hoping he won't find any.
  • Read the goblincore horror story "Murk Girl, Bright Girl" by Bo Balder

    Murk Girl, Bright Girl

    December 29, 2023
    Abandoning humanity, a girl learns to survive among the fae folk, fostering a power that offers, finally, a choice.
  • Read the fantasy fungus coming of age story "Degustation" by Ashley Deng


    December 27, 2023
    Sharing yourself is hard, especially when you start to wonder if people really appreciate the pieces.
  • Read the scifi psychological adventure story "A Difference of Opinion" by Stewart C. Baker

    A Difference of Opinion

    December 27, 2023
    Visiting a planet to determine whether the population's intelligence is real or artificial, two human ambassadors find that a test…
  • All These Ghosts Are Playing to Win

    December 25, 2023
    Aheo gambles his memories away one by one, hoping for the the big win and a chance to climb the…
  • The Sound of Reindeer

    December 23, 2023
    A Christmas horror story about twisted holiday traditions, ghosts, and that one weird family member everyone's too scared to uninvite.
  • The North Pole Workshops

    December 23, 2023
    The North Pole Helpline is currently overrun with complaints about the new line of robotic dinosaur companions.
  • The Passing of the Dragon

    December 23, 2023
    It’s worth remembering that everyone is trying their best to look for their dragon, to find the heart of their…
  • Maladaptive Camouflage

    December 22, 2023
    The worms can duplicate anyone, creating such perfect copies, sometimes they can fool themselves too.