About the Site

Hello and welcome! InkFoundry is a speculative fiction aggregator site developed to connect stories, authors, and readers.

For Readers: Magazines and anthologies are brimming with amazing, professionally edited and curated stories, but it’s often frustrating to sift through hundreds of titles to find the ones you like. Whether you’re searching for star-crossed android lovers, cold-blooded unicorn revenge, or lonely eldritch monsters, InkFoundry helps by tagging and categorizing hundreds of stories to assist readers in building libraries they love.

For Authors: InkFoundry also creates profiles for every author linked on the site, gathering connected stories and turning avid readers into expectant fans. The filtering system can also serve as an invaluable tool to help authors place their stories with paying magazines. Discovering published stories with similar themes, worlds, or characters to your unpublished work can hep you find a marketable home for it.

How to Use the Directory

WARNINGS are located before the tags of every story as well as within the post about each story in a bold font. 

Please watch out for the DEAD DOVE warning, which marks stories meant for readers with a strong constitution as the contents may be more upsetting or challenging than the average story.

SPOILERS ABOUND! In an effort to match readers to stories they will enjoy, spoilers are sometimes located in the tags, excerpt, or summary.
- this story has a free online audio version. Clicking on the icon will take you to a third-party page from which you may play the selected story.
 - this story his part of a series. Clicking on the icon will take you to the selected story's filing page within InkFoundry, where you will be able to see the other stories in the same universe.
I'm Ready!


I found a broken link: Unfortunately, sometimes magazines fold. Sometimes fortunately, they are changed for a revamp and remodel! We do our best to keep up with the health of our links, but in order to respect magazine and author copyright, we cannot host the stories on this site. (Not until we can afford to pay for that privilege)  If there’s a story that sounds interesting but the link has broken, I would recommend going directly to the author’s website or social media to find out if it can be found elsewhere.

Can I add stories to the Directory? Absolutely! The form can be found on the Add page here. Please be aware that the rules below will always apply.

Story Selection: The only stories allowed to be catalogued on Inkfoundry are free-to-read stories that can be found on stable links online. Further rules as follows:

  • The author must have been paid for the publication of their story 
  • AND the story page must contain a link to either the paying magazine or the author’s site, viewable by the reader upon landing. 
  • OR the story must be in the public domain according to American law. 

Meet the Staff

If you see any reference to Inky the Cataloctopus, he’s our very own wrangler-mascot and eldritch horror. He’s just a ‘lil guy with very long arms, which helps with the filing.