Adding to the Directory
Only published stories for which the author was paid and which have a permanent free-to-read online link will be added to the catalogue.

Stories added through this portal are usually updated to the site on the Wednesday following their submission.

Any optional field can be left blank. A wrangler will take up the filing of the story, but this could delay addition to the directory for up to two weeks.

Tags: Recommend between 5 and 15 tags. Check out the browse page for examples. The more common tags you use, the more likely a reader is to find the story they’re looking for. I recommend tagging characters, tropes, and themes. Occupations, settings, creatures, and systems of government or magic are some of the most useful tags to potential readers. 

Hook: A blurb of up to 3 sentences should contain information about the story that could catch a reader’s attention. DO NOT COPY/PASTE LINES FROM THE STORY. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but If you feel like this is too hard, put ‘N/A’ in it’s place. A wrangler will take up the filing.

Genre: Pick up to three. One or two is recommended.

Submit as many stories as you like!