The Best of

Happy Endings

To make it onto Inkfoundry’s “Best Of Happy Endings” collection, a story must have a satisfying as well as uplifting ending.

There are great stories in the happy endings catalogue that aren’t on this list, so if you’re as much of a sucker for the genre as I am, I recommend browsing there for more feel-good stories.

The Hero: Izzy, who has just left a party feeling like she’ll never get anything right.

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  • Comments: (Includes Spoilers)

    This was such a sweet story. It’s short but packs such a punch, I recommend it to nearly everyone I meet. I believe the main character is coded neurodivergent, but I think everyone these days can relate to the awkwardness of feeling like everyone else is speaking a language we never learned.

    There’s a tremendous sense of relief and excitement that comes with the ending. The set-up and pay off comes and goes really fast, but the leap from dread/mortification to whimsy/confidence was profound.

The Hero: A death metal fan cursed with whimsical powers.

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    A short, adorable story. Admittedly my experience with metal music is limited, but the themes of “So. Fucking. Metal.” are universal. Finding acceptance in your community by just being yourself is probably the happiest ending there is. 

    The writing is immediate and engaging, and it’s another one of those ones that I comfort read over and over, and recommend again and again. It’s  joyful and grungy, sweet and dark, boney and beautiful.