Silence in Blue Glass

Arthur Swift finds his first murder case after the war at a dinner party hosted by his estranged brother.

  • Excerpt

    Mieni cleared her throat again. “Your pardon, Miss Brennec, but the gift is not the glass itself. The gift is silence, kept in blue glass. See, when the ball is touched once, it dampens sound.” She lifted the ball from its cushioning, and again the air seemed to go heavy and distant, muffling all noise in the room. “Held thus free of its case,” she cupped it so that a single blue gleam showed, “the silence is directed.” She turned it slowly, and it was as if silence were a wave, crashing over me and passing on. “Held by two, or passed between, it may keep their speech silent to all others, or make all others’ speech silent to their ears. There are words telling other specific uses within the box; I leave their discovery to you.”

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